Sunday, April 5, 2009

I need a theme

Someone asked me the other day, how would I accessorize my henchmen?

Which is a very good question because I haven't actually chosen a super villain theme. This isn't a choice to be made so quickly though, so I wouldn't mind any suggestions.

Here's some stuff to keep in mind:
-Not much of a budget here, so keep it basic.

-The evil army will have many, many gorillas in it

-Kirby dots are win. Hell, if we can figure out how to work them into the toilets of the space station of doom, even more win.

-I will totally create a device to block out the Sun just to fuck with people who keep saying how happy they are that Spring is here.

How would you accessorize your henchmen?


wiec? said...

i would go with a gorilla army myself. but not an army of Grodds. too dangerous. make sure none are smarter than the average 10th grader. keep a lot of tranquilizers handy. they will be pretty rowdy.

or sharkticons. they were kind of fearsome.

Continually Spicy said...

Gorillas riding on Sharkticons, maybe?