Friday, June 12, 2009

Are you there God? It's me, Norrin Radd

So this guy comes in looking for Silver Surfer stuff. He wants newer stories, not old ones. So he's basically denying himself the best material right off the bat there, but never mind that. After I aim him in the right direction and hook him up with the names of some of the trades we don't have in stock at the moment, I ring him up and he says:

'I have an agreement with God; that when I die I get to cruise the universe as his Silver Surfer.' He said it real matter of fact like and didn't seem to be joking. So a few conclusions from this:
1) That direct line to God thing must be handy
2) Dude, if I knew I could just make that shit up and it was good to go when I die I would have been planning for my afterlife way back
3) Why do so many people seem to lack that important thing that tells you it's best not to say certain things in public?

Now, as far as an afterlife choice goes, granted, that one is almost sweet despite the endless brooding and whining that comes with being the Silver Surfer. I myself would have had trouble deciding on an afterlife full of either Transformers or monkeys, but now that I know that I can just change it up willynilly I guess I can have both.


K and S said...

I've met some very strange people at our comic book store but so far, none of 'em have said anything that bizarre. Yet.

By the way, best profile description EVER. I love Bela and Ed's work.

wiec? said...

when i die i plan on rotting in the ground:)

in Nyc i hear a statement ike that on the subway from time to time. best thing to do is nod and smile and say "that's cool man." always best to humor the kooks.

while on the subject of Heralds of Galactus what is a good trade to buy? there is never any Surfer stuff (new or old) at my local shop?

Continually Spicy said...

If you want modern stuff, I would get the 3 volumes to the first Annihilation story. It's not just Silver Surfer but all the big cosmic stuff, but it does have some awesome Galactus/Surfer moments in it. It's also the launch point for the new Nova and Guardians of the Galaxy titles, which are some of the best things Marvel is publishing right now.

Otherwise, go with the origial Kirby stuff in FF or the Lee/Buscema material (#4 with Thor is great).There was also a 2-issue Lee/Moebius mini that has beautiful art, I think it's called Parable.