Friday, January 8, 2010

Hope for humanity yet

Was ringing up a mother and her kid, who was probably like 8-10 years old. They had picked up a number of the DC Showcase reprints, so right off the bat some good choices. Then she picked up the Martian Manhunter volume and asked him, "Who's this? Do you even know who he is?". To which the kid replied, "That's J'onn J'onzz! He's like tougher than Superman, and he's neat!"
"Tougher than Superman?"
"Yeah, but he's weak to just fire!"

My cold black heart grew three sizes that day. God bless you little dude. God bless.
pic via Apropos of Something

Need to show J'onn some respect, is all I'm sayin'


Amelyn said...

If I had the choice to acquire some superheroes powers. I would choose the Martian Manhunter powers. Now that he's not affected by fire anymore, that would be perfect for me.

mathematicscore said...

Love it.

Fanboy Wife said...

That kid knows more about Martian Manhunter than I do (or will admit to knowing in public)!

applesaucebitch said...

great to see you back =]

kid's droppin the knowledge lol

if i could have one guy's powers it'd be jonn.