Sunday, December 7, 2008

Forgot about this

Last week, a fella came in and looked at our shirts for sale. We have a large variety of shirts hanging from the high walls in the store, so we use a stick to pull them down. So this guy had me pulling shirts down for while, and kept asking what I thought his niece would like. Seeing how I don't actually know her, I tried to ask what type of stuff she likes.
"Oh she likes all sorts of stuff."

"Uhm, well, do you know if she likes a certain character or does she like fantasy or anything like that?"

"Oh, what's that shirt there?"
[I pull down an orange womens jersey with Snoopy on it]

"It's Snoopy, from Peanuts"
[I then flip the shirt to show a big number 5 on the back, and he says...]
"OH! She loves the number 5!"

.........I really must be missing something or.....she just really likes the number 5

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when is evil cool? said...

i would have given him 5 seconds to get out of my store. what a blockhead.