Monday, December 29, 2008

Lost & Found: Blacksad

Blacksad is one of those books that I really really really wish will be reprinted in english soon, because more people in the states need to experience it. And I say experience because once you finish reading it you should come to one realization: this is how good comics are done.
Scratch that. This is how beautifully awesome comics are done and this should be considered a zenith in comic book production.
Written by Juan Diaz Canales with beautiful art by Juanjo Guardino, Blacksad is a series of crime noir stories starring anthropomorphic animals. In general I'm not drawn into a series just because it utilizes anthropomorphic animals as a stylistic choice. I know many people actually are and this may enchance your desire to read it, and it may also turn you off from it. The thing about Blacksad is that it truly is a unique approach that enchances the story. Gardino's ability to bring out a character's true personality using a specific species and then beautifully emoting them is nothing short of fantastic.
If you like crime noir stories, this is for you. As far as modern crime noir comics go, you can't really find many people doing it on this level besides Ed Brubaker & Sean Phillips. If you like humour and great characterization, this is for you. If you like beautifully painted artwork, you need to own this. I can read this book and then just look at it again and again to just take in the art. Very cinematic, very detailed, and very thoughtful. The only other current artists in the industry that can truly captivate me with their facial expressions include:
-Carla Speed McNeil
-Steve Dillon
-Kevin Maguire
-John Cassaday
-Darick Robertson
And I would have to put Guardino pretty far up there. Actually, I don't know if I put him above McNeil, she's friggin' awesome. Hmm, I'm forgetting some people too. Damn yeah, Eric Powell, for sure. Screw it, ya get the point though. Being able to strike emotional cords through facial features is a key skill many comic book artists never peg down, and Guardino nails it.

Now the crap news. Apparently the english translations published through Ibooks a few years back are going for very large amounts of money. Actually, I'm going to look right now andSWEET BABEH JESUS.........vol 1 goes for $74 used on Amazon o.0

It's a 54pg soft cover book so, uh......yeah, that may keep people from really bothering >_<

And this is why I need to be in charge of shit. Time to reprint these suckers and start expanding everyones minds. Because I kid you not, if I didn't have my copies I would probably save the money up and pay that insane price. And as broke as I may be, I just can't think about selling these. So if you ever have the chance and you just magically come upon some of these, for the love of all that is good in life do yourself a favor and pick them up.

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