Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Thunder on the Tundra

You know what's awesome?

Friggin' Thor. Hey, I know it's bad. But I think that might just be why I like it actually. You can tell these guys love what they are doing. This is like the essence of fun to me. Seriously, one of the songs is called 'Throwing Cars At People On Coke With Thor'. If you can't get into that, you just might not have a soul my friend.

Match that with memorable lyrics such as 'I anger at my middle name' and 'War is Thor and Thor is War', and well, I rest my case. This is pure epic theatrical Metal right here. If you are a fan of Dethklok, you probably can get into this.

You can listen to samples here:

More info on Thor

And for the sake of awesomeness, here are the lyrics to the actual song Trumphant:

Across the Frozen tundra
Across the seven seas
Can You Hear, Can You Hear The Thunder Rising in the east
Into the frozen wasteland
One Man stands tall
Hear the cries of Glory As He slays them All!

The Call Of The Triumphant
The sound of Steel On Steel
The Marching Of The Warrior
Into The Battle Field (Repeat)

See The Chariots Blazing Across the Northern Sky
Hear the tunes of Glory
Are You prepared to die
The Mighty Sound Of Thunder
The steel across your Back
The Time of THOR is coming prepare for ATTACK!
\m/ (>_<) \m/

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