Thursday, February 26, 2009

Horrible Horrible Vengeance

So, employee Jon made it to the store early today only to discover we flooded. I got a phone call so cabbed my ass down there and yep. Super fun happy time. And so began the great times of moving wet boxes of comics and soggy toys and vacuuming well over 100 gallons of water out of the store. And y'know, that doesn't count the water soaked into the foundation.


And the cause? Apparently one of the tenants in the apartment above left a hose attached to the side of the building, and then wrapped up the end of the hose towards the back of the building, specifically behind us. And then someone left the water running over night.

I shall wreak a horrible horrible vengeance upon this person if their identity is ever discovered.

The sad thing is we are fairly used to this crap, since this is like the 6th major flood problem we've had. Actually, it might be more than that. What kills me is that of course, today had to be one of the worst days for customers I wanted to atomize into......well, atoms.

Idiot roll call:
-Dude who blamed me for the quality of events and shows in the greater Seattle area. Curse him for seeing me as the true master behind the entire social scene of a city.

-Dude who rummaged through all the soggy wet boxes I was placing out on the sidewalk and then asked if he could have go ahead man. I don't wanna know.

-Dude who knew we flooded cause he got the email newsletter I sent out with the title BIBLICAL FLOODING, then mentioned oh yeah he got the newsletter, and then wanted to talk on the phone with nothing important to say.

-Dude who came in and proceeded to do nothing but talk at me while I'm moving stuff around and cleaning. I CARE NOT FOR YOUR LIFE STORY.

-Dude who comes in at the last 5 minutes of the day and expects me to stay open past closing time. I will find a way to atomize your atoms. Seriously, that is how profound my anger is. SUB-ATOMIC PARTICLES ARE TOO GOOD FOR YOU.

Thankfully, that Dude I Hate did not show up.

So yes. Home now, yay. Rice for dinner, woot. Ranting out of system, hooray.
Now to dream of evil plots and horrible things to unleash upon the world tomorrow.


The Igloo Keeper... said...

So it this 5 different dude or the same one. If the latter, he sounds quite annoying.

Continually Spicy said...

Yup, 5 different dudes across the day. But I think they combine to form one giant ass-hole, like Devastator. Except I would still prefer Devastator as a person.

cerebus660 said...

Sounds like a real shitty day!

The Igloo Keeper recommended your blog: mind if I Follow?

blogofdooM said...
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Continually Spicy said...

Course I don't mind! Thx for reading!