Friday, November 28, 2008

Maybe I don't have my finger on the pulse of awesome, but...

Ok, again, maybe this counts more as fanboy ranting. But I swear by the unholy retail gods, if they would actually fricking make these things THEY WOULD SELL. And not just to me! It is my belief that instead of giving us another run of Superman/Batman figures, DC Direct could make a unique and successful ongoing series of special over sized figures. What would this series of over sized figures be? DC MONSTERS

Think of it. A series of DC's greatest creatures in rough scale with the average DC direct figure! Wave one could include:
Starro the Conqueror-Includes bendable arms (interior wire design?) that can hold other DC direct figures. Also comes with 5 or 6 mini-starros that fit over other DC direct figure heads. Other options could include a see-through eye in the center so you can look through it and a way to clasp the arms around your head so it doubles as a Halloween costume. Chemo (Classic or Modern)-Could simply be a figure done with the same paint design of the OMAC figures (clear green with bubbles). However, a solid figure with goo inside would be interesting. Comes with the option to open a hole in his head to drop mini-dc figures in (quarter inch versions of Metal Men? Aqualass?). A Base made up of the rubble of Bludhaven would be good for the articulated version. Brother Eye Satellite - Not much needed, just maybe make it able to float via a base stick. Little points of articulation needed, maybe some rotation points for his different layers. Can come with a half human/half OMAC figure (someone morphing into an OMAC). A classic Brother Eye would be good, but I would figure they would want to include that in a Kirby Style OMAC 2 pack. True Scale Doomsday- The sculpt of the last figure was great, but needs to be at least as big as Mongul from Infinite Crisis line. Throw in the restraint cuffs from his first appearance or a broken Highway sign for Metropolis.

Plop $24.99-$34.99 on these guys and I guarantee sales.

I've had customers list ideas off to me as well, including:

-Brimstone-Would be good if they can use the same flame material that was used on Firestorm's head.
-Mogo w/Bzzd- Really not much but a cool looking globe. If feeling generous, include Bolphunga or Children of the White Lobe. Perhaps a mini-Ranx.
-Arkillo of the Sinestro Corp. In scale with Kilowog would be great. Could be selling tons of Sinestro Corp aliens now if they bothered to make them =/ -True Form Parallax-Possibly include Ganthet or a Parallax/Kyle Rayner hybrid.
-Titano-Nothing says sales like a giant Gorilla with light up green eyes.

-Chang Tzu-With articulated arms and legs. -Monsieur Mallah & The Brain -General Eiling as The General-Includes some over sized guns, and maybe removable limbs for regeneration fun. -True size Grodd in Scott Kollins style

-The 4 Horsemen
-Lady Styxx -Solaris the Tyrant Sun -Kirby style Etrigan w/ Baytor or /Klarion & Teekle -Over sized Anti-Monitor -'90's style Metallo


And many more I can't remember. But you get the gist. Any other suggestions?


D. Lee Grooms said...

Here it is:

Plush Starro with elastic strap(s) so you can wear it on your face.

Halloween 2009 here we come.

Continually Spicy said...

I'll buy a dozen and pass em out to people ;)

when is evil cool? said...

i hear what you mean. How many batmans, wonder womans and supermans do you need? seems like new one comes out once a week.

a 3 foot tall anti moninitor would be snapped up. as would a grodd with a sort of evil smile/ evil look in his eye. i have a grodd but he just looks like a yawning fat gorrilla standing on my desk.

also while yer wishing upon a starro how's about a giant brainiac skull ship?

Continually Spicy said...

Yes! Every child should have a Braniac skull ship. So awesome.

I have the Grodd with the same body as you but the original head design before they repackaged it for Alex Ross. He looks a bit like the Adams version, but yeah we need more Grodd toys. Never enough.

Hmmm, forgot to mention the Shaggy Man. Ah, and a decent size Giganta and Atom Smasher as well. And not that we need him, but an Imperiex wouldn't hurt.

But even money has it we get a Tony Daniel Batman RIP set next =/