Thursday, November 27, 2008

Primate of the moment

So when Marvel Apes first came into the store, we had plenty of customers who just didn't get it. Many are unaware of the time honored tradition of parading assorted primates through comics in an attempt to boost sales. Check this link for more background on the subject, and for some awesome covers:

Now I don't really care if anyone considers this to be an illogical marketing strategy. The very idea that an editor sat down and decided that more monkeys=yay is just AWESOME. Not awesome. AWESOME, in caps. Because straight up, you put a gorilla in something and most likely you will have my undivided attention.

Which is why I believe it's time to educate people on the wonderful selection of comic book primates available. And by educate, I mean pick a monkey, link a wikipedia entry, and then post a crapton of pictures with comments. Because honestly, people have probably already tried to do this and it's not like you'll voluntarily read 5 paragraphs about Angel & The Ape. LET US BEGIN.


Arthur Adams' awesomeness can often be measured by how many apes he draws. And believe me, IT'S A LOT.

Pensive Grodd is pensive.
.....Christopher Grodd Columbus. CHRISTOPHER GRODD COLUMBUS.
Respect that Powers Boothe gained after accepting the role of Gorilla Grodd? ELEVENTY BAJILLION POINTS.
Watch out Barry, he's been shuffling his feet on the carpet for like an hour!
OH SNAP! Oh....actual snap..... sorry Hunter.....
Also? Telepathic. EAT IT, DR. ZAIUS.

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when is evil cool? said...

that's what i'm talking about. the athur adam's grodd. one of those. they need to make a statue of that.

and i need scroll down more before i comment.