Wednesday, November 19, 2008

So we got this in today

Birds Barbie! And seriously, I couldn't stop laughing. It is actually a cool little display, the box has crows painted on the clear see through packaging and there is a background with the house from the movie. And she just looks like "Oh poo, there are crows attacking me, THERE'S KEN BETTER KEEP SMILING!"
They should keep going , with a Psycho Barbie next. And maybe a Rear Window Ken.
Here's the product page:

As far as stuff you need to get though, this should shoot up towards the top of your list.

NEED MORE KIRBY. And seriously, it's worth the $49.99. Beautifully designed HC, fantastic story, and great extras like the original penciled pages.


The Nerdy Bird said...

Hahaha, I bought the Birds Barbie as soon as I saw it on the shelf. How could I not? I love Hitchcock and it's hilarious to own a Barbie with a bird attached to her head.

I also got the new Black Canary one as an early birthday present from my mom. :)

when is evil cool? said...

that birds barbie is excellent. little sis is sooooo geting one for xmas. the pictures of it i'm going to take are going to be worth the price right there. i can see it now. sitting in the barbie pink convertable waving carefree to her pal skipper. riding a horse. in the town house. getting pecked to death by birds.