Friday, March 6, 2009


So, 6 customers over the past four days have sent me their new subscription lists, and on every email they all say the same thing: have to trim off the bulk of Marvel, $3.99 is too expensive.

I've already had plenty of customers do this, but not this many all at once. It was like pow pow pow all in direct reply to my last email newsletter, and the customers are all across the spectrum of jobs so it wasn't like they were all Microsoft or anything.

So, Marvel. I refuse to believe you are all friggin' idiots. You all have to read the numbers. Marketing has to exist for some reason. What's up? What's the grand master plan?



Tlieso said...

That really sucks. Things are hard enough as it it without Marvel being greedy. If they were charging more for longer comics or amazing stories I wouldn't have a problem with the price change but they;re not. I'm tired of the previews they keep throwing in at the end. Grr. Probably why I'm reading more & more DC.

Continually Spicy said...

It will be interesting to see how things work out. It feels like almost everyday people are trimming down. I would say our sales were already heavier on the DC side, but there are so many regional differences to take into account as well. It could be the flipside for some store in the middle of Oklahoma or whatever.

I'm just curious how some decisions are made, yknow.

Anonymous said...

If only Marvel was 1/10th as good as DC.....