Monday, May 11, 2009

Blazing Combat

Just finished reading and cannot recommend enough the new Fantagraphics release Blazing Combat

Check it out here.

First off, it's Archie Goodwin writing. The stories are great, even if you aren't into war comics. The real showcase for me though is the art. Check it:

Frank Frazetta
Alex Toth
Wally Wood
John Severin
Al Williamson
Russ Heath
Gene Colan
and more

via ICV
I've always loved Severin's work, but his pages in here make me want to run off and buy the original art. I'm fairly poor but have been thinking about who I would want to buy pages of if I could anytime soon, and he seriously just zoomed right into spot #1. Russ Heath is not too far behind.

Like 7 years back I had some money and made it a point to buy a few pages of art from artists I really love, mostly because I knew it would be some time before I could again. Ended up with A John Cassaday Planetary page and 2 Rags Morales pages from his Hourman run. There are many more I would love to get, but yeah, Severin jumps to the top after this book.

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Frank Lee Delano said...

Having read Cracked Magazine growing up, despite the obvious craft on display, I can't take any John Severin story seriously. It's like casting Ed O'Neil in a drama when he will always be Al Bundy to me. I can feel you on Russ Heath, though I'm more of a Reed Crandell man when it comes to war comics. I adore Woody as well.