Friday, May 1, 2009


So I've been pretty lax in updating recently, and when I have its been quick posts with just pics or videos usually.

I'm hoping to write a larger item on Free Comic Book Day, so maybe I'll get a pre-game write-up tomorrow and then after Saturday report on the horrible horrible, er, I mean happy fun time free comics yay

Free Comics Book Day is good for many reasons, chief among them the promotion of new comics to new readers, all the kids coming in and trying out comics for the first time in many cases, and exposure for new titles that otherwise might have a hard time reaching an audience in the current industry (YAY ATOMIC ROBO).

But last year, I had at least 4 people poke me in the chest because I was wearing the FCBD shirt asking "What's that?!?!" And I mean sharp poke in the heart. By the 2nd person I was ready to start ripping off appendages, but there were far too many witnesses. And it's always great when people complain about the selection of free comics. Even though we have every single one available on hand. Oh, but you wanted that $35 hardcover book for free? Because the poster outside on the window says Free Comics, but doesn't specify which ones, so you thought it would be cute to push your luck? Go outside, take a sharp right, and go get hit by a bus. The human race no longer has need for you. Gtfo.

Free Comics Book Day is an awesome day. But it is a long tiring day, full of as many idiots as it is great people. So I won't lie through my teeth and say I'm looking forward to it. I hope many people leave happy with many free comics. And I hope I don't have to kill any of them as well.

So that cheery bit being said, this is where I get lazy and just post pictures and a video for you.

First, is an artist feature for Marciotakara. Check out and

And second, I never get tired of forcing people to watch this:


wiec? said...

thanks for reminding me.

i have 2 things to do this weekend: 1) go to the comic shop. and b) find me a monkey.

is that video from The State?

Continually Spicy said...

Yup, can't go wrong with the State

Ge the monkey first, then go get the comics and bring the monkey with you. If there is anything comic store workers love, it's monkeys. If they don't something is wrong.

MOCK! said...

I can't decide if I like the Supergirl better or the Batgirl better.....Maybe I will rotate through both of them as my wallpaper...

Continually Spicy said...

I have trouble deciding from all his work really. He has a couple great JLA and Avengers group pics as well