Friday, May 1, 2009

Free Comic Book Day War Journal: Day 1

Things on the agenda!

-Going through many boxes worth of back stock inventory so they are ready for the uber sale we are having.
Seriously, there were a lot of Batman, Superman, and X-Men we were missing in the bins. Price price price.

-Making room for the said boxes of back stock comics in the inventory.
eeehhhh totally made someone else do it, MANAGER POWER GO

-Coordinate work schedules (like a boss)

-Filing copies of Blackest Night into the subscription files of all customers signed up for Green Lantern, GL Corp, or Blackest Night. Not everyone can come in this Sat, so we ordered double what we were planning so GL fans wouldn't miss out.

-Someones sweeping and cleaning tonight anyways, but tomorrow morning probably gonna give it a double over if time permits.

-Getting people hyped up for the 501st Legion showing up

Really, not much else but to tidy up a bit more and hope the weather holds.


D. Lee Grooms said...

Like a boss!

Tlieso said...

i wish my store would have automatically put GL & avengers in my box since they;re on my pull list. your store also had the 501st?! they only had super girl, poison ivy & lady deadpool. your store > my store