Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Recommend Comics (like a boss)

I think the one thing I love the most about working comic retail is when someone comes up to you and just straight up asks for recommendations. It's not always fun, because sometimes people just don't really know what they want and they just keep shooting you down and waste your time. That might sound arrogant of me, because maybe I'm just not recommending the right thing to them.
This is kinda my shtick.
I will find you the book you want.
And you will like it, dammit.
Because often times, if you straight up do not like what I recommend to you, I will let you bring it back for store credit. Because not everything clicks, and that's all cool. I always try to talk with the person though to get a good handle of what they like, what kind of books and movies they like, so ideally I can peg them down with a couple options.

In this case it was a couple who were just getting into comics. I talked a bit with them first to see what kind of genres interest them before I just shot into it. Only a couple specific requests, so I pretty much had free reign. And it was fun because they were open to suggestions but also guided me as we went along and gave me a better idea of if I was heading in the wrong direction or not.

So they ended up taking:
Mother Come Home
Walking Dead
Batman Long Halloween
Umbrella Academy
Green Lantern Rebirth

Also, after talking with one of the guys down at Fantagraphics, we now have an additional pile of Love & Rockets FCBD books so I gave them one of those as well.

So here's to hoping they like their books, but they seemed pretty happy and excited to try new stuff.

That is a good pile o' readin' though, I need to crack open my Mother Come Home again. Can't recommend it enough if you haven't tried it out yet.


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wiec? said...

never heard of Mother Come Home. have to look it up.