Friday, August 21, 2009

Darkman vs Megatron vs Hellboy

So here's a fun game to play, and you can do it a few different ways. This is my favorite grouping to use, but you can pretty much choose any combo of actors for it. My combo is Liam Neeson, Hugo Weaving, and Ron Perlman. Who of these three is the most kick ass?

Liam Neeson has been:
A Jedi
Ras Al Ghul
A crusader
Rob Roy
Sir Gawain

Hugo Weaving has been:
Agent Smith
V of V For Vendetta
A sheepdog

Ron Perlman has been:
Deathstroke the Terminator (Slade)
Killer Croc
Orion of the New Gods
Vincent from Beauty & the Beast
The Abomination
The Fiery Blaze from the Tick
a vampire
Tony Stark
Lord Hood
a demon
The Sayer of the Law
The Hulk
If your going for sheer quantity and carrying the flag of geekery empowerment, then Perlman kinda wins hand down.

Megatron can pretty much step on everyone though. And even if you kill him, he comes back as Galvatron.

Aslan is pretty much Jesus, so that's kinda handy. Darkman is like a scientist and a master of disguise, so that's all sorts of awesome. So he's like super science lion Jesus with the force.
And a lazarus pit.

Of course then Perlman is Satan plus Hellboy plus Conan plus the Hulk plus Deathstroke the Terminator, so that's really hard to beat. His dad is Darkseid, the embodiment of all evil (also, Jack Palance/Richard Nixon). He might also be Smog in the new Hobbit movie, so damn man. Oh, plus he's a Kryptonian super criminal so your screwed under a yellow sun.
You can play the game by judging the awesomeness of each character in comparison to the others, or you can just for quantity. Or a combo judgement. You can go more points for obscurity, or just play it for important characters.
Other fun actors to use:
Mark Hamill
Christopher Lee
Ian McKellen
Jeffrey Combs
Tony Todd
Christopher Walken
I honestly don't think anyone beats Perlman for sheer representation of comic book characters. If you can find a person, then I really am curious.

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