Saturday, August 29, 2009

Kind of mean, but kind of awesome in its meanness

I was working through the solicitations for the monthly orders, and I was reading the GI Joe stuff in the IDW section. This last note for G.I Joe Movie: Snake Eyes #1 caught my attention:
"And check out this cover-it's got red foil! Totally awesome!"

It's not just me, right? That kind of draws attention to itself, but in a snide kind of way right?

"Look at this you little fanboy! It's a total throwback to the '90's, you insipid little monkey! Friggin' rad, huh! HUH?!?!"

Maybe I just read too much into these things....

But honestly, as much as I think it sounds a little condescending, I kind of want to give credit for whoever wrote that. Mostly because that's exactly how I feel when I see most variant cover solicitations.

It's written by Ray Park, so you know.......yay?

Sorry, I don't mean to come off snide myself, I enjoy GI Joe & Snake Eyes a lot actually. I just had to snicker when I read that line in the catalog.

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wiec? said...

as much as i used to dig GI-Joe i just can't get excited about any of the new stuff anymore. red foil or no red foil. i find it all to be totally whatevs. is S Eyes wearing black bowling shoes? them shoes are huge.

kudos though to Ray Park. i haven't seen the Joe's new movie but he was Snake Eyes (who doesn't speak) right? so between Toad, Darth Maul, and Snake Eyes he's probably only had 4 lines of dialog in all 3 movies. now he's writing comics? be as snide as you want when it comes to this stuff.