Thursday, August 27, 2009

Post Wednesday Musings

Ideally it would be great to do these say on Wednesday night, but screw it. After an 11 hour shift I don't want to look at a comic when I get home.

Anywho, here are some random thoughts for the week

-So I know this isn't strange and usually the norm actually, but did you realize Wolverine was in over 7 different titles this week?
Wolverine 1st Class
Wolverine Origins
Dark Avengers
Dark Reign Elektra
Wolverine Magazine
I can't remember if he was in this week's issue of New Avengers or not, I stopped reading that weekly a while ago. I also didn't bother to look at Timestorm, although I bet he's there.

Now, Wolverine's son who is dressed as Wolverine was in at least Dark Wolverine, Ms Marvel, and Dark Avengers, so I'm going to count that crap. He was probably in Dark X-Men, but I didn't bother to look.

This is also disregarding that Logan is in at least 3 trades paperbacks this week.
-Batman & Robin by Morrison keeps on selling out, and this week's number were even bumped up from all previous orders. It's interesting what happens to sales for a book when Morrison shifts his storytelling into a more linear focus.

-One of these days I will collect all the variant covers in the world and set them ablaze in a majestic holofoil pyre. There were over 34 different variant covers this week. And that doesn't include the ones we probably didn't qualify to get.-I really really really really want that Chemo toy. Also, maybe I do have my finger on the pulse of awesome sometimes. I'm totally taking credit for it regardless. Pic via Clone's Paradise
-Darkness Pitt sounds like A) a scary porno or B) a proclamation that you will indeed be reading an unnecessary story? This might even be well written, but I just don;t have the interest in these characters to plop any kind of cash down for it. Also, I'm sorry Paul Jenkins but you lost me when you had Sally Floyd yell at Captain America for not having a Myspace page or not knowing who won American Idol. If you need to recover from that page, here is the appropriate rebuttal.
-Only 6 titles with the word Dark in them this week. I'm not sure if that means we're getting a break or not.
-You will find some very odd things when you do a Google search for 'Evil hats'

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