Friday, October 17, 2008

Fail-log: Stardate 10.17.08

Fuck you, Marvel. Just....fuck you.

I'm working on the monthly orders, and they have listed Secret Invasion: Requiem. Note that this is not the actual title, so in case anyone actually does pre-order it the ordering information in our database is going to have to change. And that's not even the real pisser.


Solicitations will be properly released after Secret Invasion #8 hits the stands. That's not till like the 19th of November, if we're lucky. Orders for Not-Called-Requiem are due Oct 28th. Now, order increases will be allowed I believe, so it's not like the most horrible thing ever. But it's still stupid and annoying. Not only will no one want to pre-order on time, but I'll have to make it a point to hunt down additional info later and then re-evaluate the entire order.

Essentially, this will go completely under the radar of most readers. If it doesn't, then they have to work with the vague info given to them and that won't be any help when it comes to placing pre-orders. Cause I can guarantee you not everyone on staff here will be able to tell them what that thing is that doesn't have a name but is apparently important yet we don't know who it's by. And they shouldn't have to. No one should have to know what the name of every single future title will be, except for possibly the person who does the orders. And even then, it takes all my willpower to not destroy you all.

Just like when they were helpful with the Death of Captain America ordering, Marvel makes it a point to make our job fun & easy! Excelsior!


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