Saturday, October 18, 2008

Is it incompetence or just general apathy?

Now I know it's a little sad that it took me an entire day to get just 20 more pages into the Marvel section of the order form, but that's what happens when people interrupt you the entire damn day.

Anyway, Marvel did it again and solicited a title without any actual information. This time for something called the Fantastic Four Cosmic Special. At least they give us a title and a cover this time, but no listing of creators at all. And it's a $4.99 book. Do they actually think that a retailer will want to take any sort of actual risk and order a significant amount?

Something that may have gone under the radar, but the actual retailer order form notes a number of mistakes in the Marvel solicitations. Some of them are page counts, some of them are prices. And hey, a dollar difference may not seem like a huge deal but it does add up fast for retailers. Now add the fact that they have offered us 2 books without any actual information (under the guise of being classified).

Is this just a crapload of mistakes in the marketing department, or do they just not give a crap anymore?

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