Friday, August 29, 2008

Urge To Kill, Rising....

Seriously, if I have to continually listen to just how Mark Millar is the best writer in comics ever, I am going to develop mental powers just so I can start exploding heads with the sheer hate in my thoughts.

Or maybe more like this


j. said...

Ha ha! Many times I've wished for the same powers. Or maybe it would just be enough for the person who loves Mark Millar to experience a piercing pain behind their left eye any time they mention his name. I'd be satisfied with just that.

Incidentally, here's an old joke that you might appreciate.
Why wasn't Ultimate Ant-Man invited to the Ultimate's company picnic?
Because he beats his wife.


Continually Spicey said...

Piercing pain would be the way to go I think, little less messy ;)

Y'know, it would have been refreshing and interesting if Ultimate Pym wasn't a wife beater. I love how soon they forgot the point of the Ultimate Universe was to start fresh....

zerkalo said...

It seems like the point of the Ultimate universe was to be more extreme. So I submit that Ultimate-Pym should actually be beating his wife harder!

That joke was awesome though.