Thursday, August 28, 2008


This middle aged woman and two younger guys come in one day with a box of comics for me to look at. I can’t remember what kind of crap it was, but I do remember it was pure uncut crap. So I politely tell her we are not interested and that maybe she should take it to a used book store. Well, she takes kind of a defensive tone and starts asking why we don’t want it. I pretty much just explain that it’s all from the wrong time period and that we have too much of the same material at the moment. Now, keep in mind that when she first came in she explained that she didn’t really know anything about what she had. But after I tell her we aren’t interested she suddenly becomes an expert. She starts going on about how valuable it all HAS to be, and that we must be trying to pull one on her. Well, since I passed on the collection and didn’t actually make any type of offer, it’s a little hard to see that argument so I just apologize again and tell her we just aren’t interested.

She gathers up the box and calls for the two twenty-something boys (children? friends? lovers? who gives a fuck?). They all leave in a huff, visibly pissed off because they didn’t get the $500 they assumed it was worth. Then a couple of regular customers that were in the store come up shaking their heads, asking what that was all about. They overheard the bulk of it, so it wasn’t like I had to explain much more. But then we all hear a rustling behind a display across from the register area, and we turn and look. And lo and behold it’s the 4 year old kid the woman brought in, just going hog wild looking at all the toys in the store. Now this is about let’s say maybe 5-10 minutes after she left that we notice the kid. I’m about to look outside to see if I can spot the mother when one of the customers pretty much breaks down laughing. And I’m just trying my hardest to not laugh, because you know, lost children aren’t exactly comedy gold. But seriously, if you heard just how much of a crazy whack job this mother was and you just saw her leave all dignified and sure that she was absolutely right and she JUST ABANDONED HER CHILD, well, you may have giggled just a bit.

Don’t worry, the kid didn’t even realize. She was too awestruck by all the primary colors around her to give a fuck, and I get a feeling that may have been one of the few moments of peace she had in a while. The mother ran in just a few minutes later, all flustered, and picked up her child quick as quick could be.

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